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         Welcome to

  Male Erotic Dungeon

My name is Michael and I welcome you to my site. On the site youíll find information on my philosophy for doing this work, the various services that I offer as well as information about me and my journey into the BDSM world. I hope youíll take some time to review the site and see if this seems like something youíd like to explore. Together we can create the experience that is exactly right for you at whatever level works for that.

When most people think of BDSM work, they falsely believe that it is only about enduring pain, wearing leather and being humiliated. Without a deeper understanding of the tools and process involved, itís easy to see why it is viewed that way. I have created a space where together we can explore these tools and techniques in a learning environment where you are supported and encouraged. As a Tantra practitioner, I want to help you bring your awareness into the experience and use that to enable you to grow, learn and evolve your consciousness.

Please take some time to review all of the information on this site especially my philosophy and approach to the work. If you feel an attraction to this area, despite any fear which may arise, drop me a line. The attraction is your key to healing some old wound, or growing in some way and any fear is just your egoic-self resisting the change. Make no mistake, this is powerful and intense work but we can choose to learn through pleasure and experience or we can choose to live in fear and pain. Itís a choice that each of us makes in every moment.

My studio is located in beautiful SEATTLE, WA. Information about me is on this site but for additional information on me (including pics and other work) please visit my Sacred Intimate site at www.MaleEroticEvolution.com. You can also locate me on FetLife and see my friends there so that you know that I'm not some rogue kook looking to hurt others. My profile on FetLife is under "Evolving Michael" and here is a link to it.

Welcome and enjoy.

Follow me on Twitter for info and specials. You can find me at: MasterCrowSea

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